A Clinically Proven Alternative

Targeting the Amino Acid Deficiencies Associated with Pain Syndromes

  • Physician Recommended for Over a Decade
  • Supported by Multiple Clinical Trials
  • Over 30 million capsules sold since 2004
  • Uses Patented Targeted Cellular Technology
Theramine - For the dietary management of inflammation and pain

"I've recommended Theramine to my patients for over a decade."

Dr. David Silver – CMO at Targeted Medical Pharma, and former Clinical Chief of Rheumatology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.



Theramine uses patented uptake absorption technology to replace depleted amino acids and neurotransmitters, helping support a distressed nervous system.

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Theramine helps restore neurotransmitter and amino acid levels, helping to bring your nervous system back into balance.


Patented Amino Acid Technology

Theramine was designed by pain management experts to address the underlying amino acid and nutrient deficiencies associated with chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.

Doctor Recommended

Backed by Clinical Trials

No Harmful Side Effects

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